Supr Good Slim Wallet

What is it? Supr Good Slim Wallet is a minimalist way to store your credit cards in style.

We’re living in the year 2014 and cash is something I carry and use only if I have to, not because I like it or find it useful. I live in Sweden and I know that it’s probably easier to go “cards only” here than in some other countries where cash is more important because of tipping behavior etc. No matter where you live though, I think most people agree that credit cards are an easier and more safe way to handle money transactions.

If you like to keep your gear small and want a card-only wallet then you’re going to love the 3 mm thin Slim Wallet. It’s made of elastic polyester and it can stretch to fit perfectly around 1–10 cards. That’s enough for most people’s needs and if you carry more than 10 cards you should probably consider whether you need all of them on a daily basis anyway. The Slim takes the easiest possible approach to storing your cards but the result is both useful and very nice looking. Function and minimalism meets design, which is just the way many of us want it.

As many of the products featured on Pixels & Objects in the past (and future), this wallet was launched as a Kickstarter campaign but it is now available for direct purchase. Check out the video presentation below or continue to the official website for more photos.

They had me at “Hi. We’re minimalists. We love simplicity.”

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Photo by: Pixels & Objects

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