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Beats Solo2 Headphones

Beats Solo2 is an extremely popular on-ear headphones model taken to a new level – $200

A lot of people are curious about the future of Beats Electronics after the revelation that they have been acquired by Apple a few days ago. No matter what the future holds for this interesting company by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the Apple deal didn’t stop them from releasing a new product the day after the acquisition was announced.

The Solo headphones are almost iconic by now and it’s the company’s most sold model. With this new version both the design and the sound has been reengineered from the ground up. The previous version suffered from complaints about the bass being too heavy at times and this has of course been taken care of. The exterior look has been updated with a sleeker, more comfortable design and a folding mechanism. The headphones come in several colorful versions as well as the classic black.

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Photo by: Beats

Topo Designs Trip Pack

Topo Designs Trip Pack is a compact and light backpack with a distinct design – $89

Topo Designs from Colorado, USA, sure is an interesting company. With an unique approach to design, they create useful bags, accessories and clothes that I believe appeals to a lot of modern, active people. I really enjoy their choice of color variations that each product is available in. Usually they go for at least one or two versions with solid, dark colors that attract less attention. Besides that they often offer a few versions with a very sleek combination of colors.

The Trip Pack is my favorite of all their bags, but I can see myself finding good use for many of them. If you like to keep your gear compact without losing too much in functionality then this is a bag for you. The Trip Pack has a 8.4 L capacity and features an external zip pocket as well as an internal sleeve for a small computer or tablet. The Trip Pack is available in three color variations: all black, navy blue/red and navy blue/green.

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Photo by: Topo Designs

Bellroy Card Sleeve

Bellroy Card Sleeve is a slim leather wallet for your most important cards – €49

While not quite as thin as the previously recommended Supr Good Slim Wallet, the Card Sleeve by Bellroy is definitely a product that plays in the same division. This is a minimal wallet for anyone who prefers to only carry cards, but you can easily store a few folded bills in either of the three pockets if you really have to.

The main compartment will fit anything from just a few cards up to about 10. It also features a pull tab that allows for much easier access compared to the Supr Good Slim Wallet. There are two additional pockets on the front and back that will hold those two cards that you need really fast access to.

The soft, premium leather is vegetable tanned and available in five different colors. I use this daily as my main wallet and it’s just the perfect solution for me.

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Photo by: Bellroy

Supr Good Slim Wallet

What is it? Supr Good Slim Wallet is a minimalist way to store your credit cards in style.

We’re living in the year 2014 and cash is something I carry and use only if I have to, not because I like it or find it useful. I live in Sweden and I know that it’s probably easier to go “cards only” here than in some other countries where cash is more important because of tipping behavior etc. No matter where you live though, I think most people agree that credit cards are an easier and more safe way to handle money transactions.

If you like to keep your gear small and want a card-only wallet then you’re going to love the 3 mm thin Slim Wallet. It’s made of elastic polyester and it can stretch to fit perfectly around 1–10 cards. That’s enough for most people’s needs and if you carry more than 10 cards you should probably consider whether you need all of them on a daily basis anyway. The Slim takes the easiest possible approach to storing your cards but the result is both useful and very nice looking. Function and minimalism meets design, which is just the way many of us want it.

As many of the products featured on Pixels & Objects in the past (and future), this wallet was launched as a Kickstarter campaign but it is now available for direct purchase. Check out the video presentation below or continue to the official website for more photos.

They had me at “Hi. We’re minimalists. We love simplicity.”

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Photo by: Pixels & Objects