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Twelve South BackPack

Twelve South BackPack is a great way to store your laptop, behind your Apple Display – $35

If you have a workspace where you connect a MacBook to an Apple Cinema Display then you’re going to love this product by Twelve South. Their BackPack shelf lets you place your laptop on the back of your iMac or Apple Cinema Display, out of sight and out of the way. It keeps most cables off your workspace and lets you work on a clutter free desk.

The shelf is made of steel and it matches Apple Cinema Displays and iMacs perfectly. You can use it on the back or front of your display, and it can be used for anything from a big 15″ laptop down to just a small stack of business cards. The possibilities are endless and I think most of us have something on our desks that we rather get out of the way.

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Photo by: Twelve South

SlatePro Desk

SlatePro Desk is a sleek bamboo desk with built-in air vents and multiple device docks – $368-698

If you’re looking for a new, feature-packed desk for your home or office then you might find what you’re looking for at Kickstarter right now. iSkelter just launched a new crowd-sourced project called SlatePro and this isn’t like any other desk you’ve seen before.

I’m actually writing this sitting down in my couch with their previous Kickstarter project Slate Mobile AirDesk in my lap. The AirDesk is a bamboo slate with large air vents, a built-in mouse pad and a carved out dock that fits a phone or a small tablet. It was successfully funded by me and 1107 other backers on Kickstarter and it shipped a while ago. I’m very happy with the final product and I think it’s only natural that they take this a step further with the SlatePro.

The SlatePro is a real work desk with hand-crafted steel legs. It shares all the nice features of the Mobile AirDesk, but it also has some new features added. The bamboo is now covered by a layer of protective acrylic and there are holes ready to keep the cables coming from your computer and display organized.  Instead of one device dock there is now three available, and a few other new slots and stands have been added. They even carved out a special place for your cup of coffee or glass of water, which I think is a fun attention to detail.

Check out the Kickstarter presentation video below and head on to the project presentation for more pictures and information. I think this desk looks incredibly useful.

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Photo by: iSkelter