Introducing Pixels & Objects EXTRA on Instagram

After 20 posts here on Pixels & Objects I’m quite happy with the overall quality, topic selection and feedback received so far. What I’m not totally satisfied with is the post frequency. I won’t bore you with explanations but let’s just say that the goal for the future is to increase the amount of posts per month.

Starting today I’m launching a new experiment called Pixels & Objects EXTRA. To be able to share more good stuff with you very quickly I want to try using social media to give quick recommendations with just an image, a product name and a very short explanation. Updates about new posts on the site are already sent to Twitter, Facebook and Google+. These are great social networks, but I really like Instagram and that is where this experiment will take place. If you only want updates about new posts on the website then subscribe via RSS, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. But if you want even more recommendations then Instagram is the place to check out from now on.

Any feedback about this new direction? Please let me know.

Check out Pixels & Objects EXTRA on Instagram now

Photo by: Pixels & Objects

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