Wilfa Svart Presisjon

Wilfa Svart Presisjon is a quality coffee machine with great design and features – 2000 SEK

It’s time to revisit one of my favorite topics and the fuel that keeps this site updated; coffee. An important trend in coffee right now is that drip coffee is coming back in a big way, and many coffee shops and home enthusiasts experiment with manual brewing equipment. So do I, but I think there’s always a place and time for a great coffee brewing machine in your home.

Here in The Nordics people often get a Moccamaster when they’re aiming for a good automatic brewer, and those are indeed good, but I want to introduce a great alternative. The Wilfa Svart Presisjon has been developed in collaboration between Norwegian company Wilfa and one of the most respected roasters and coffee shop owners in the world; Tim Wendelboe.

First and most importantly, this machine makes very good drip coffee. It has all the benefits of a Moccamaster and other quality machines, but it’s the first one that I know of with flow control. This feature lets you configure how fast the water flows through your coffee grounds, based on how much coffee you’re making at the time. This way your coffee is extracted pretty much the same no matter if you brew one or six cups of coffee and this results in better tasting coffee. There are a lot of useful guides printed on the machine to help you find a good balance between grams of coffee, milliliters of water and flow control. As always I recommend using scales to measure your coffee and to grind your coffee beans yourself.

The Wilfa Svart Presisjon is available in black or white and it sure looks good in either color. The water tank is removable for easier handling and cleaning, and the same goes for the filter holder. This machine is easy to find in many big department stores in The Nordics, but if you’re from another part of the world then you’ll probably have to import one or wait for Wilfa to expand their territory.

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Photo by: Wilfa

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