Kalita Wave Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Kalita Wave Ceramic Dripper is a beautiful, manual pour-over coffee maker – $30

Using an automatic coffee maker to brew your coffee is quick, easy and the result is always reliable. But how good does the coffee taste and how fun is it? If you have a bit more time on your hands, and if you’re really starting to become interested in the craft of making good coffee, then you could explore using manual pour-over methods.

If you’ve visited any serious and/or hipster coffee shop lately then you have probably already seen these manual coffee drippers in action. Most coffee shops are using the amazing Hario V60 setup, but as always I’m going to introduce a very nice alternative here on Pixels & Objects.

Kalita is a Japanese company that’s been making coffee paper filters, drippers and other related gear since 1958. Their Wave coffee drippers are praised around the world for its great performance and beautiful design. Compared to Hario V60 with its large hole in the bottom, the Wave dripper has a flat bottom with three smaller holes for the coffee to drip through. This design gives you a very even extraction, and in my opinion it is easier and more reliable to get your brew right, compared to a V60.

The Wave Coffee Dripper is available in ceramic, glass or stainless steel, and comes in two different sizes. The bigger 185 size is made in all three materials, while the smaller 155 size is only available in glass and stainless steel. Be sure to pick up some Kalita paper filters in the right size and also check out the Wave Pot and Glass Server to complete your pour-over setup.

Still not convinced? Check out this video by Nicholas Cho. Pure coffee art:

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Photo by: Pixels & Objects

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