Panasonic Lumix GM1

Panasonic Lumix GM1 is a powerful Micro Four Thirds camera in an unbelievably small size – $698

I’ve been using Micro Four Thirds cameras from Panasonic for a few years now and they are the perfect fit for my photography needs. You get powerful features in a small package without losing the ability to switch lenses when needed. The majority of my photos are taken when traveling so the small size of these mirrorless cameras is a big selling point for me. Most Micro Four Thirds cameras are significantly compact compared to normal DSLRs but you really have to see the GM1 with your own eyes to realize just how tiny it is. The picture above shows the camera next to a standard sized match box from swedish brand Solstickan. This camera is not just compact, it’s actually pocketable.

Despite the small camera body Panasonic still managed to include a 16MP sensor, WiFi-support, 1080 HD video recording, a pop-up flash, a 3.0-inch display and a lot of other goodies. It comes with a 12-32mm F3.5-5.6 zoom lens that was designed specifically for the GM1. The body weighs in at 204 grams and with the standard zoom lens attached the total weight is 361 grams.

Visit the excellent website Digital Photography Review for an extensive review of the GM1.

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Photo by: Pixels & Objects

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