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Hard Graft Hang Camera Strap

Hard Graft Hang Camera Strap is a stylish way to keep your camera close – $106

There are many different ways to carry your precious camera when you’re out shooting pictures, but no matter what option you prefer you always need a good shoulder strap. Pretty much every camera sold comes with a branded strap that is too thin, too weak and that doesn’t match the great aesthetics of your camera.

The Hang Camera Strap uses Hard Graft’s characteristic combination of grey felt and hand-stained, Italian leather. It simply looks great, and it is robust enough to keep cameras of any size hanging securely on your neck or shoulder. If you like the design of the Hang Camera Strap then you have a huge collection of accessories to explore over at the Hard Graft website.

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Photo by: Hard Graft

SurfacePad for iPad mini

SurfacePad for iPad mini is a thin leather cover with a built-in, multi-angle stand – $69.99

If you own a laptop, phone or tablet made by Apple then there’s a good chance that you have heard about, or already own, something made by Twelve South. Their company slogan says it all:“We’re not just Mac friendly. We’re Apple only”. The beautiful BookBook cases is probably what they’re most famous for, but they have created more than a few amazing Apple accessories in the past.

The latest product in their line-up is a 3 mm (0.1 inches) thin leather cover for iPad mini. It’s called SurfacePad and it protects the front and back of your iPad mini but leaves the edges open, which reduces bulk and weight. The cover sticks to the back of the iPad using “a special adhesive” that is said to not leave any marks or residue on the device, no matter how many times you remove and reattach it.

The extremely thin design and the use of premium Napa leather are reasons enough to want to check this cover out, but there’s also a hidden feature to explore. The obvious ways to use the SurfacePad are either with the front cover flipped to the back or to open the case as a book, but it can also be used as a stand. Hidden magnets inside the leather can hold the iPad in two different angles: one made for typing or working and one made for viewing content.

I never really liked the leather Smart Case by Apple and I think that the SurfacePad can be one of the most interesting alternatives to it.

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Photo by: Twelve South