SteelSeries Stratus

SteelSeries Stratus is a wireless gaming controller for iOS devices – $79.99

When Apple announced Bluetooth controller support in iOS 7 I got excited about all the possibilities that this would bring. I play a lot of games on my iPad but I have stayed away from most of the ones that require advanced, on-screen controls. Virtual controls just don’t work as well as I’m used to, growing up with Nintendo, SEGA, XBOX and Playstation gaming systems. But now, with this new move by Apple, everything would change for iOS, right?

Well, a few quite good gaming controllers have been released lately, but most of them are just hardware add-ons for the iPhone. Since I do most of my gaming on an iPad I wanted a standalone, wireless controller and that’s exactly what SteelSeries have made with the Stratus. It connects to your iOS device using Bluetooth and gives you about 10 hours of gameplay on every charge. Despite the relatively small design it still packs dual analog sticks, a d-pad and all the buttons you will ever need in a game.

There is still no way to filter out games that support gaming controllers in the App Store, but two of my favorite games are Oceanhorn and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Now let’s all hope that Apple decides to make an App Store for Apple TV and lets us use these gaming controllers to play iOS games on our TVs. This would be a serious competition to XBOX One, Playstation 4 etc.

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