Earin Wireless Earbuds

Earin Wireless Earbuds is the worlds smallest bluetooth earbuds – £119

I have featured a lot of products that were successfully funded on crowdfunding service Kickstarter, and now it’s time to tell you about a project that is still in development and possible to support.

Earin is a pair of incredibly small, light and seemingly comfortable earbuds. They are completely wireless and they communicate with each other and your audio source, like a phone or tablet, via bluetooth. Even though they weigh only 5 grams and look very small on the product pictures, the Earin team promise about 3 hours of play time. They are charged wirelessly when placed in a small capsule that’s used for both charging and storing the earbuds. By doing this during the day you get about double play time.

The team behind Earin have experience from successful mobile companies like Sony Ericsson and Nokia and they already have working prototypes of their product. There is still 20 days to go if you want to back this project on Kickstarter, and get the final product when it ships in January 2015. They have set up two stretch goals that have both been fulfilled, so backers can look forward to waterproof earbuds as well as Earin apps for iOS, Windows Mobile and Android.

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Photo by: Earin

Kalita Wave Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Kalita Wave Ceramic Dripper is a beautiful, manual pour-over coffee maker – $30

Using an automatic coffee maker to brew your coffee is quick, easy and the result is always reliable. But how good does the coffee taste and how fun is it? If you have a bit more time on your hands, and if you’re really starting to become interested in the craft of making good coffee, then you could explore using manual pour-over methods.

If you’ve visited any serious and/or hipster coffee shop lately then you have probably already seen these manual coffee drippers in action. Most coffee shops are using the amazing Hario V60 setup, but as always I’m going to introduce a very nice alternative here on Pixels & Objects.

Kalita is a Japanese company that’s been making coffee paper filters, drippers and other related gear since 1958. Their Wave coffee drippers are praised around the world for its great performance and beautiful design. Compared to Hario V60 with its large hole in the bottom, the Wave dripper has a flat bottom with three smaller holes for the coffee to drip through. This design gives you a very even extraction, and in my opinion it is easier and more reliable to get your brew right, compared to a V60.

The Wave Coffee Dripper is available in ceramic, glass or stainless steel, and comes in two different sizes. The bigger 185 size is made in all three materials, while the smaller 155 size is only available in glass and stainless steel. Be sure to pick up some Kalita paper filters in the right size and also check out the Wave Pot and Glass Server to complete your pour-over setup.

Still not convinced? Check out this video by Nicholas Cho. Pure coffee art:

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Photo by: Pixels & Objects

Beats Solo2 Headphones

Beats Solo2 is an extremely popular on-ear headphones model taken to a new level – $200

A lot of people are curious about the future of Beats Electronics after the revelation that they have been acquired by Apple a few days ago. No matter what the future holds for this interesting company by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the Apple deal didn’t stop them from releasing a new product the day after the acquisition was announced.

The Solo headphones are almost iconic by now and it’s the company’s most sold model. With this new version both the design and the sound has been reengineered from the ground up. The previous version suffered from complaints about the bass being too heavy at times and this has of course been taken care of. The exterior look has been updated with a sleeker, more comfortable design and a folding mechanism. The headphones come in several colorful versions as well as the classic black.

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Photo by: Beats

Introducing Pixels & Objects EXTRA on Instagram

After 20 posts here on Pixels & Objects I’m quite happy with the overall quality, topic selection and feedback received so far. What I’m not totally satisfied with is the post frequency. I won’t bore you with explanations but let’s just say that the goal for the future is to increase the amount of posts per month.

Starting today I’m launching a new experiment called Pixels & Objects EXTRA. To be able to share more good stuff with you very quickly I want to try using social media to give quick recommendations with just an image, a product name and a very short explanation. Updates about new posts on the site are already sent to Twitter, Facebook and Google+. These are great social networks, but I really like Instagram and that is where this experiment will take place. If you only want updates about new posts on the website then subscribe via RSS, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. But if you want even more recommendations then Instagram is the place to check out from now on.

Any feedback about this new direction? Please let me know.

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